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about us

the restaurant

Los Campos began on calle Alonso in November of 2013. We moved locations in April of 2014 and spent the next 7 years in Plaza Baratillo. In January of 2021 our Baratillo location was closed due to effects of the Covid19 pandemic. 

In November of 2021 with the assistance of a long time friend and customer, now business partner, we re-opened Los Campos in our current location at Campanero 11 in the historic center of Guanajuato Capital.

Through almost a decade of changes our mission has remained the same, presenting the best of Mexico in creative and delicious ways.


our kitchen

The menu at Los Campos has always been a direct reflection of my experience here in Mexico.

What began as a very mediterranean influenced menu has evolved over the last decade as I became more comfortable utilizing the local produce and techniques.

Earlier on I was pulling influences from every part of Mexico but as time goes on I find my inspiration comes more from what is available locally here in the Bajio and other areas of central Mexico.

- Michael Dunlop

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